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We have a few systems at great prices that are ready to go.

Business PCs

For daily business or home use, I can build a custom PC for you, but when it comes right down to it, I recommend systems from a nationwide system builder who sells equipment only through partners. As for quality and reliability these systems are better than the big, well-known brands. Plus, support is in the United States. Plus, there is no added garbage software. You, or I, can't beat that.

Rebuilt Business PCs

We have put some very cool new components into gently used cases. These systems will be great for office or home use. Talking about cool ... really: run this PC beside an older machine and you can feel the difference - by several degrees. And less heat produced, means there's less energy being wasted, which means you'll be saving juice and money. Sounds good, eh?

And you'll be helping to keep a useful PC case out of a landfill! It might not be gorgeous, but its definitely something to brag about. Kind of like putting a 302 into a Bronco II (which I plan to do sometime, after the 2.9L blows. I run it up to 5K RPM regularly and it just keeps running. Oh, I digress. Sorry.)

Re-used and Refurbished PCs

We also have some used PCs that we have refurbished. These systems come with Ubuntu Linux and range from $100.00 to $150.00. Add a 90-day warranty and you're ready to get that homework done, or use it for email, browsing or light office work. And again, you'll be helping to keep a useful PC out of a landfill!

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