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The big technology news of the day, week, month is not what cell phone or other whizbang device will be released next week. Whatever device was just released has bugs, which will be patched in a few days or weeks. And that device will be superceded by the release of another phone which has bugs.

What no one seems to care about is that the security on most of these phones is so horrendous. And people continue to expose their bank accounts and credit cards to snoopers and hackers. If you understood the technologies, you would never use your phone for banking or ordering things on-line.

Also understand that the way these things work means that the phone companies can figure out where your phone has been. Use that knowledge for what its worth, and don't get upset about it. OK?

Thoughts on the News

One thing that amuses me is when Big News reports on technology, they usually get something wrong or they miss the point entirely.

Case in point, remember a few years ago, they reported on a "new operating system" that was coming from Microsoft to replace "the aging Windows interface." As though useful interface was terrible and this new OS was going to be so much better. It turned out that the old OS was a whole lot better than the new pile of stuff and wasn't really all that out-dated after all. It worked and it was fairly solid. (See Rule Number One on the Recommendations page. Hint: if it ain't broke...)

Check back here frequently as I comment on technology "news". Or maybe I'll just comment; you just never know.

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