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You know, this is a strange business. Quite often, rates will vary with the amount of work to be done. However, if you have an emergency and need some help right away typically you will be asked to pay a higher rate than you would pay for scheduled maintenance or remote service.

There are also many different ways of charging. If you take a look at the website for the geeks who drive the bugs, you'll see several different service packages and rates and on and on it goes. If you can figure out their charts, you can probably figure out how to solve your computer problems yourself. But believe me, I have been called in behind them and had to fix up a system after they had charged a hefty sum and left.

It is easy for us to guarantee that our rates will beat what they charge every time and our service will be customized to your needs. And the office supply chain that "fixes" computers? They're really good at wiping the hard drive and starting over. Bye, bye data and applications. One thing we can't compete on is that we don't have stores all across the United States. We might not be able to fix hardware remotely, but I can help with software problems remotely and by phone. Call before you travel so we can get you set up in case you need help on the road.

If you can bring your system to our office: call for an appointment. We can finish most PC tuneups in a day or two and charge you for just one to two hours.

By remote connection: also by appointment. Emergency remote help will cost a little more.

At your location during normal hours: local customary rates for one to four hours; discounts apply after that.

At your location on evenings and weekends: Negotiable.

Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce members always receive a 10% discount.

Special Website Only Rate

Website special: 10% discount during normal business hours. No charge for drive time within 20 minutes of the Hillsboro Airport (reasonable charge beyond that.) When you call, tell us that you saw this on our website.

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